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uzB (Стабильный)


Chairman of the Board
Soatmuradov Dilshod Abdunazarovich

Правление банка:

Deputy Chairman                                       Agzamov Zakir Akhmedovich

Ссылка на сайт:


+(998 71) 150 33 66


+(998 71) 150 44 66



Республика Узбекистан, 100060, г. Ташкент, Мирабадский район, ул.Тараса Шевченко 36А,36Б.

"... The Bank's mission is to ensure the long-term development, while contributing to the growth and advancement of its customers, the bank's shareholders, well-being and satisfaction with the bank's staff and ultimately ensure the reliability of the whole society. We consider our shareholders, customers and employees as mutually complementary parts are equally important and valuable for an overall picture of well-being."

"... We understand that the Bank's top priority is the timely allocation of funds and that the effectiveness of today's investment depends largely on the success of tomorrow. Experience shows that the ability to reach mutually beneficial solutions for both the Client and the Bank, is a measure of professionalism in our work. We almost did not back down from this position, so that the winners are all of our partners and clients, and of course, the Bank itself."

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