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Joint Stock Commercial Mortgage Bank "Ipoteka Bank" was created by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On further development of housing construction and housing market” №PD-10 from February 16, 2005.

“Ipoteka Bank” is a financial institution with extensive experience in mortgage lending and housing finance.

“Ipoteka Bank” - and is considered a major universal bank providing a wide range of all kinds of banking services through a well-developed network of branches. The Bank has a rating of international rating agencies “Moody's Investors Service” and “Standard & Poor's”.

In the whole country provide their services to individuals and legal entities 37 branches and 122 mini-banks, 500 savings banks, more than 140 points of remittances and 75 kiosks.

The mission of the Bank

Mission "Ipoteka Bank"-creating maximum economic value for its shareholders and clients. High quality customer service and leadership in chosen markets are of paramount importance for the success of the bank in the future.

Bank's corporate values ​​- teamwork, innovative thinking, positive attitude, excellent quality - play an integral role in the implementation of the Bank's mission.

Providing a wide range of banking services, the bank seeks to promote the creation of prerequisites and conditions for recovery and development of the economy.

When providing services to its clients, “Ipoteka Bank” is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, the introduction of innovation, openness to new ideas, use of imagination, as well as persistent and consistent implementation of the activities. “Ipoteka Bank” intends to continue to provide quality services to ensure that the bank's relationships with its customers were long-term and strong.

Membership in organizations:

  • Uzbekistan Banking Association
  • Deposit Guarantee Fund of citizens in banks
  • currency exchange
  • Uzbekistan Stock Exchange "Tashkent"
  • National Institute of credit history (NICH)
  • National information base bank depository (NIBDD)
  • National Payment System UZKART
  • Association member banks VISA
  • International payment system SWIFT

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