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Chairman of the Management Board
Abdullaev Abdurasul Ne’matovich

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First Deputy Chairman                                   Obidjonov Jahongir Obidjonovich

Deputy Chairman                                         Yakubov Shukhrat Isroilovich

Deputy Chairman                                         Khodjaev Saidkamol Saidkarimovich

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(+998-71) 120-35-94


(+998-71) 120-35-94



100000, г. Ташкент, ул. Шахрисабзская, 3

“Uzpromstroybank” - the largest bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan, whose history is inextricably linked with economic development, actively promoting structural reforms and liberalization of the economy, is continuously engaged in complex development programs of basic industries and modern infrastructure.

After proclamation of independence in country begins be formed qualitative new, two-level bank system. On constituent conference “Uzpromstroybank” was transformed in share-commercial, its founder become leading industrial enterprises and subcontract organizations of the Republic Uzbekistan.


In April 25, 1996 left the Law of the Republic Uzbekistan "About banks and bank activity", defining legal bases to activity of the bank. Received a visit at the same year by Resolution of the Cabinet Minister 230 "About measure on reduction of the emissions of the bankrolls" on institutions of the bank was entrusted supervision for observance of the installed requirements of the undertaking cash operation managing subject of all property categories.


In 1998 activity “Uzpromstroybank” was directed on execution the economic reforms confirmed by Cabinet Minister republics of the program of the deepening and State program of the provision to realization interest to families, on realization of the measures on fortification макроэкономической and financial stabilization.


The Whole activity of the bank passes on background of the deepening the process of the market transformations, realization of the priority directions on либерализации of the economy and speedup of the economic reforms, determined by Edict of the President of the Republic Uzbekistan from March 21 2000 "About measure on the further liberalization and reform bank system".


Money-credit policy of the bank, проводимая in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet Minister RU from August 22 2001 349 "About measure on the further improvement of the mechanism of the lending the economy", promoted undertaking the economic transformations in republic and was directed on support export oriented and import substituting production.


The Fund of ensure contribution people in banks of the Republic Uzbekistan, created in performance of the Law "About warranty of protection contribution people in banks", accepted at April 2002 safely protects the contributions “Uzpromstroybank”. The Bank was constantly developed and were introduced new time deposits, which its attractiveness and high profitability has deserved the big interest of the population to preserve their own savings.


In performance of the Resolution of the Cabinet Minister RU from September 24, 2004, №445 "About measure on the further development of the system calculation on base plastic card" bank develops its payment system, introduces the salary projects in organization of the republic. The Bank first in republic has preceded emissions and service international payment chip cards Visa Electron and Visa Classic with own design.


An accepted decision was At January 2006 about reorganization of “Uzpromstroybank” in form of the joining to him Uzbek international bank "Uzprivatbank".


On total in 2008 International rating by agency \"FITCH RATINGS\", “Uzpromstsroybank” was assigned rating in- with stable forecast.


The Agree decision accepted annual share meeting on total 2008 legal name of the bank was changed. New legal name of the bank Open Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Uzbek industrial-construction bank".

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