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Chairman of the Board
Hotamov Ilhom O'ktamovich

Правление банка:

Deputy Chairman - Nurmuratov Siyovush Xaydarovich

Ссылка на сайт:

Private Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Turkistan" was created in 1997, licensed by the Central Bank to conduct banking operations №57 from December 25, 2010. Initially the Bank was created as a branch Bank providing banking services to transportation companies, but subsequently expanded the scope of activity as a universal Bank.

Bank's primary business consists of commercial activities, trading with securities, loans and guarantees. The Bank accepts deposits from the public and extends credit, transfers payments in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as provides other banking services to businesses and individuals. Customer base POJSCB "Turkistan" represented mainly by small businesses and private entrepreneurship.

POJSCB "Turkistan" is sufficiently experienced and dynamic bank. Particular attention is paid to the bank establishment and development of correspondent relations with financial institutions within the Republic of Uzbekistan and beyond. At this time, the bank has established correspondent relations with local banks and foreign “Raiffeisenbank” (Austria) and “Promsvyazbankom” (Russia).

POJSCB "Turkistan" is a member of the Uzbekistan Banking Association, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions (SWIFT) and the participant "Guarantee Fund deposits of citizens in banks”.

Currently, the bank offers a wide range of modern banking services to both legal entities and individuals. So POJSCB "Turkistan" provides corporate clients the following services:

  • settlement and cash services
  • allocation of funds
  • credit products
  • leasing
  • bank guarantee
  • documentary letter of credit
  • Services in the stock markets and others.

For private clients POJSCB "Turkistan" provides the following services:

  • opening and maintaining accounts
  • deposits, internet banking
  • plastic cards
  • education loan
  • Mortgages, consumer loans and other.

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