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Chairman of the Board
Nazarov Nodir Kakharovich

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First Deputy Chairman                                  Islamov Atkhamjan Rustamovich

Deputy Chairman                                         Annaklichev Sakhi Saparmukhamedovich

Chief accountant                                          Begmatov Erkin Burkhanovich

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(+998 71) 200-00-55


(+998 71) 120-17-03



100000, Toshkent sh., Mirobod tumani, Amir Temur shoh ko`chasi, 3

The mission of the People's Bank defines the essence and meaning of the Bank's activities, emphasizing its role in serving as the financial agent of the Government in the implementation of social problems, as well as ensuring the growth of people's welfare and the economy as a whole. People's Bank customers - individuals and businesses, their activities, goals and aspirations, well-being - that's why there is the People's Bank.

People's Bank strives to become one of:

  • The leading universal banks in the country by expanding the range and volume of banking products and services that meet the latest international standards, as well as accessibility to them across the country;
  • The best and sought after employers in the country by ensuring harmony of its employees and the realization of their personal and professional ambitions.
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